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Bhaisajya Dzi

Bhaisajya Dzi is also known as Spherical Striped Beads. The beads are mostly short and flat with a white line at the center. Bhaisajya Dzi belong to the family of Dzi Beads, and their linear designs are all crafted by nature.

The name “Bhaisajya Dzi” originates from the belief that by holding and warming the Bhaisajya Dzi in the small enclosed area of the palm, it will exude a herbal scent, thus the name Bhaisajya Dzi, which meant “herb master” in the native tongue. According to legend, Bhaisajya Dzi has the ability to cure illnesses and ward off evil.

Place of Origin of Bhaisajya Dzi

Bhaisajya Dzi originated from 2000-4000 BC. These natural beads are mostly discovered by archaeologists in Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan. Perhaps due to the flourishing trade with other countries, large numbers of Bhaisajya Dzi are also found in countries around the Himalayas.

Bhaisajya Functions

Traditionally, Bhaisajya Dzi are auspicious beads used for commercial trading and warding off evil. Its spherical shape makes it very suitable to be used as chanting beads. Buddhist devotees who use the Bhaisajya Dzi to practice the Bhaisajya way can achieve the unity of soul and spirit, receive good fortune and blessings, and be granted wishes. It is noteworthy to insert softer beads between the Bhaisajya Dzis to prevent abrasion when the Beads are strung into necklaces or bracelets.

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