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Lukmig Dzi

The flat-shaped Tubular Dzi with white & black color combination resembles an animal eye. It is named ‘Lukmig’ in Tibetan language, meaning “Goat's eye”, hence it is also known as “Goat's eye Dzi”. Because it contains only one eye, it can also be known as “Single-eyed Dzi”. This type of Tubular round Dzi can be found in Tibet, Pakistan, the two regions of their river and Egypt.

The Origins of Tubular Dzi Bead

Long ago, at 3000B.C, the Sumerians living in the riverbanks of Tibet and Pakistan had already begun wearing this round and flat shaped Dzi. They call this type of Dzi 'Udjat', meaning the eye of the sun-god Horus, to protect them against evil. The Tubular Dzi were found in numerous ancient tomb evacuations in Egypt. This reflects the popularity of Tubular Dzi with the ancient Egyptian imperial families.

Categories of Tubular Dzi

The Tubular Dzi can be considered as Dzi Beads with the longest history, as well as the most widespread. The most popular varieties can be categorized into rounded or flat types. It can also be grouped according to its image of black and white color combination, one being a close resemblance to animal’s eyeball, known as “real eyeball” and another the symbolic “abstract eyeball”.

Legend on the Effect of Tubular Dzi

The ancient people believed that our eyes are the window to our soul. If there is an encounter with a mysterious man, god, or devil’s “eye of evil”, it will arouse our evil thoughts, jealousy, hatred and other negative emotions, which in turn brings about pain and fear. Hence, various eye totems were produced to be worn on the body or hung on the building to counter such evil forces. The eye-shaped Dzi is therefore a symbol of righteousness to counter the “eye of evil”.

Even till now, this eyeball look-alike Tubular Dzi is still being used to guard against evil. In addition, the Tubular Dzi also represents blessings for prosperity and success in career.

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