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Striped Dzi

Striped motif is the main characteristic of this Dzi Bead, also known as Striped Dzi, which belongs to a class of "Chong" (lesser) Dzi. The Striped Dzi is usually made of natural brown or white agate cast with black and white colored stripes. Notably, when the Striped Dzi is observed under sunlight, the two ends of the brown color will give out radiance, whereas the black and the white stripes will not. This quality is a mark of the premium class of Striped Dzi. Like all Dzi Beads, Striped Dzi brings good fortune and wisdom to the carrier.

Categories of Striped Dzi

Quality wise, there are two types: translucent and opaque, with the latter being more popular. A comparable translucent Striped Dzi needs to be fine looking with unique stripes.

It is also categorized according to the number of white stripes. The classifications are one-striped, two-striped, three-striped, four-striped, five-striped or multiple-striped.

In addition, Dzi Beads can be grouped according to its shape. Some general shapes are straight-lined, curved, and crescent.

Naming the Striped Dzi

The straight-lined type of Dzi is named by the number of stripes, for example: Two-stripes Striped Dzi or Three-stripes Striped Dzi. The Special-shaped Striped Dzi is named by the shape of the bead, such as the Crescent-shaped Striped Dzi. The name can also comprise the number of stripes and the shape, for example: Two-stripes Crescent-shaped Striped Dzi or Four-stripes Crescent-shaped Striped Dzi.

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