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Ancient Tibetan Dzis' Extraordinary Benefits

  1. Single-eyed Dzi

    The pearl of brilliance, growth in merit and wisdom, cleansing and possessing the power to fulfill all wishes.

  2. Double-eyed Dzi

    Matrimonial harmony and family bliss, career success and growth in wisdom.

  3. Triple-eyed Dzi

    Prosperity, Happiness and Longevity, this Dzi is the Wealth God of Tibetans.

  4. Four-eyed Dzi

    Clearance of obstacles, increasing merit and longevity by the four Bodhisattvas: Avalokitesvara, Manjushri, Ksitigarbha and Samantabhadra.

  5. Five-eyed Dzi

    The blessings of the Five Directional Wealth Gods bestow prosperity, longevity and success in all endeavours.

  6. Six-eyed Dzi

    Liberation from suffering of the 6 realms and the progressive development of the 6 paramitas.

  7. Seven-eyed Dzi

    The achievement of perfection, fame, career, wealth, health, longevity and relationships.

  8. Eight-eyed Dzi

    Receiving the blessings of the 8 Directional Bodhisattvas, pacifying the 8 Harms and gaining entry into the right path.

  9. Nine-eyed Dzi

    Gathering the Nine-fold Merits, ensuring the growth in compassion, power and glory thus bringing about immense benefits.

  10. Ten-eyed Dzi

    Clearance of obstacles, increase in power and virtue, having great influence and success in life. This Dzi symbolizes perfection in everything.

  11. Eleven-eyed Dzi

    The Five Dhyani Buddhas and the Six-syllable Mantra. It is the treasure of the lineages and the accumulation of merit and wisdom.

  12. Twelve-eyed Dzi

    Fearless and gallantry. This Dzi symbolizes the fulfillment of all wishes and the perfection in merit and wisdom. It signifies a fine reputation.

  13. Dzi with Unique design

    Possessing special powers, immeasurable control and authority.

  14. Dzi with Heaven-and-Earth Motif

    Flawlessness, balance and harmony. This Dzi symbolizes a multitude of all things auspicious and the pacification of all obstacles.

  15. Dzi with Double Heaven-and-Earth Motif

    The best of the Heaven-and-Earth Dzis.

  16. Gazing at Heaven-and-Earth Dzi

    The synchronization of heaven and earth, this Dzi symbolizes clarity and comfort, luck and effortless accomplishment.

  17. Constellation Dzi

    Symbolizing the inherent power of the Universe, this Dzi possesses mystical power and bestows increase in merit and virtue.

  18. Dzi with Longevity Bottle Motif

    This Dzi generates well-being and increases perfection in all virtues. It gathers all auspiciousness and wealth; health and longevity.

  19. Dzi with Longevity Bottle and Lotus Motif

    This Dzi bestows attractiveness, calmness and purity. It cleanses the body and mind, and enhances human relationships.

  20. Dzi with Wave design

    Water symbolizes wealth. This Dzi brings a constant stream of wealth and good fortune.

  21. Dzi with Peak Motif

    Shaped like a mountain, this Dzi symbolizes courage in face of all things and the commitment to surge forward gallantly.

  22. Dzi with Tiger-tooth Motif

    Fearless and resolute, this Dzi removes obstacles and bestows health, luck and wealth.

  23. Dzi with two sets of Tiger-tooth Motif

    The best of all Tiger-tooth Dzis.

  24. Dzi with Tiger-tooth Lotus Motif

    This Dzi bestows attractiveness, symbolizes willpower strength and the purity of heart. It increases wealth, brings about perfection in all virtue and merit.

  25. Pacify, Increase and Peaceful Dzi

    The embodiment of activities in increase of: merit, peace and compassion, and the pacification of demons.

  26. Vajra Master Dharma Implement Dzi

    The Tibetan Dharma Implement that pacifies demons and increases concentration.

  27. Dzi with Dorje design

    Dorje is the Tibetan Dharma Implement to pacify demons. It bestows health and enhances merit and wisdom.

  28. Prosperity and Longevity Dzi

    The acquisition and increase in prosperity and longevity. This Dzi also symbolizes increase in wealth.

  29. Striped Dzi

    This Dzi symbolizes a life of comfort and the fulfillment of all wishes. It has the ability to turn adverse situations into auspicious ones.

  30. Black and White Dzi

    The natural phenomena of night turning into day and the balance of yin and yang and heaven and earth. This Dzi has the ability to transform danger and bestows liberation from suffering.

  31. Medicine Buddha/Bhaisajya Dzi

    The rosary beads held in the hands of Medicine Buddha. It has the ability to heal sicknesses and grant good health and longevity.

  32. Goat’s-eyed Dzi (Lukmig Dzi)

    This Dzi pacifies demons and subdues negativity. Demons are unable to get near the wearer and all endeavours are accomplished smoothly and swiftly.

  33. Chalcedony Dzi

    An auspicious Dzi that blesses the wearer and wards off evil.

  34. Dzi with Dharma Hat Motif

    This Dzi symbolises great power, ability to rid illnesses and increases one's prosperity and longevity.

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