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Items to Note for Collection and Worship

Wearing Dzi Beads can transform one’s intelligence to wisdom; elevate one’s spirit and inner consciousness. It can also increase one’s compassionate heart and bodhicitta. Hence, followers treat Dzi as a sacred item for devout worship. When wearing the Dzi, one should take note of the following:

  1. The Dzi should always be worn on the body, because when it is in contact with our body, the Dzi Bead can sense and blend in with our natural energy field.

  2. If there are many Dzi Beads, they should be placed on the altar for worship and viewing. Constant contact with the Beads can maintain its smoothness and lustre.

  3. When stringing the Dzi Beads together, it is best to put softer beads in between the Dzi Beads to prevent abrasion that might cause cracks.

  4. The Dzi Beads should preferably be placed on the altar when bathing to prevent frequent contact with water as the string might break easily.

  5. When changing and washing clothes, take precaution as the Dzi Beads might break once dropped on the floor.

  6. In the event of committing acts that might be disrespectful to the Dzi, do take off the Dzi Bead temporarily.

  7. When attending any religious ceremony, do remember to request the Rinpoche master to bless the Dzi Bead.

  8. If accidents happened which caused the Dzi Bead to break, do replace it with another suitable piece.

  9. Sincere worshipping of the Dzi Beads will reward one with good fortune and wisdom.

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