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Heart’s Sentiments and Collector’s Insight

Due to the Tibetans traditional practices and close proximity with Buddhist countries, we have often heard of the Tibetans’ love for Dzi Beads through news reports in Tibet. From our trade dealings, we have also witnessed the devoutness that Tibetans show towards Dzi Beads. Today, we may be able to use large sums of money to buy Dzi, but to the Tibetans, Dzi Beads are invaluable as they have immense respect for the sacred Dzi Beads. It was said that when a Tibetan goes to the netherworld, his family will offer his or her beads to Buddha. After several years, there will be a person destined to wear it again. This shows the devoutness and magnanimity of the Tibetans. Their respect for Buddha and humility towards life are clearly reflected from their love of Dzi Beads. Such acts should serve as thoughts for us, if we do not humble ourselves and appreciate the graciousness and wisdom of Buddha from our hearts, then even if there are treasures right before our eyes, we will not treat it as such and be unable to learn from Buddha’s preaching. In that case, there will be no difference between the magnificence of the Dzi Bead and an ordinary bead.

Over several thousand years, Dzi Beads have been absorbing the spiritual energy from Buddha’s land of mystique: Tibet, and have received blessings and devout worship. The strong magnetic energy, mysterious sensory force and a whole variety of motifs have endowed the millennia-old Dzi Beads with unique charms and superior aesthetic values. They are the devotee’s favorite objects of worship, the art collector’s precious collectible and source of limitless blessings and wisdom. Hence, the Dzi Bead is the most precious of all treasures to the Tibetans. The Tibetans believe that the beads are not produced artificially, but formed naturally as it is a treasure bestowed upon mankind from the gods. Thus, the Dzi Beads were being passed down generations after generations and have become the precious spiritual and material heritage for the Tibetans.

The Tibetans believe that only those with huge merit can own the ancient Dzi Beads. Its blessings for the wearer has to do with the individual’s level of enlightenment as things of the same kind attract. Through our journey of discovery, we have come to realize the truth in it. In our interactions with collectors, most do not possess the ancient Dzi Beads, even after spending hundreds and thousands of US dollars on them. We have also been through that stage. Dzi Beads are very spiritual treasures. With their companionship, we can obtain blessings, wisdom and their enormous magnetic energy. It has been proven time and again through our contacts and experience that those with merits will own one of these ancient Dzi Beads. We have been very fortunate to be bounded by destiny with Dzi Beads, and we hope to increase awareness of the Dzi Beads through our efforts.

Dzi Beads originated from Tibet. With China opening up, Dzi Beads have also reached out to the rest of the world. Increasingly, many have realized that the ancient Dzi Beads possess enormous mysterious blessing powers, beneficial to health and harbours great potential in appreciation in value. Following the growth of China’s economy and the affluence of the Chinese people, the number of ancient Dzi Bead collectors from Tibet, Beijing and coastal cities have increased tremendously. Due to this factor, the prices of Dzi Beads in the world have appreciated by 10% to 20%. It is predicted that in future, the price of the ancient Dzi Bead will be exorbitant because it transcends space, religion and sectors as an irreplaceable treasure.

Over the years, rare and well-preserved Dzi Beads are seldom seen, whereas the number of devout Buddhists and collectors have increased. Because of this, prices of ancient Dzi Beads have been increasing over the years, unaffected by economic slowdowns. To meet the increasing demand for Dzi Beads, ‘new Dzi Beads’ manufactured from agate appeared in the market. Today's imitation technology can produce beads rather similar to the authentic ancient Dzi Beads, misleading people to spend large sums of money buying these imitations. It is advisable for new collectors to be patient and be wary; to obtain Dzi Beads that are ancient, big and complete without chippings, yet cheap is impossible. Do beware of being easily cheated.

Our collections do not come by easily over the years. It has been increasingly difficult to obtain ancient Dzi Beads from Tibet. If the rare types of Dzi Beads are found (for example: Five-eyed, Seven-eyed, Eight-eyed, Nine-eyed, Ten-eyed and even Eleven-eyed Dzi Beads... etc), it will be an astonishing finding, because most Dzi Beads have spread to the rest of the world. According to fellow businessmen who operate Dzi Beads-related businesses in Tibet, Nepal, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, none have seen the Ten-eyed, Eleven-eyed, Fifteen-eyed and Twenty-one eyed Dzi Beads and even though they have heard of the Seven-eyed Dzi Bead, they have yet to see it. The Eight-eyed and Nine-eyed Dzi Beads are available in the market, but are very rare. Therefore, if you want to purchase authentic Dzi Beads, do visit trustworthy and resourceful companies.

If you possess a kind heart, your heart will be as precious as the Dzi Bead. If you are fortunate enough to possess a Dzi Bead in your present life, besides showing your gratitude and taking good care of it, you must not forget the spirit of generosity and reciprocate the kindness to other people. Only then will the blessings from the Dzi Beads be eternal.

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